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A&C Period Pain Reliever

"Pain relief that = a million stars. I have some of the worst period pain ever, it usually leaves me living on ibuprofen. I have tried everything, including various TENS machines but they didn't really help that much, so when my friend recommended the A&C Reliever I was very skeptical. Then I tried it and it's honestly blown me away! This is the only thing that has worked on my pain! I could actually concentrate on complex projects without being distracted by pain. I'm so happy I bought this!" - Kelly C.

"This is an absolute game changer for me, it’s honestly changed my flare ups and periods!! I love how I can walk around doing whatever I like with it hidden under my clothes and the different modes and speeds are so useful (especially for the more painful days). It has given me back a chunk of my life that used to just be a week of medicated unbearable pain." - Rosie, K.

  • Instantly relieves period pain
  • 100% drug-free relief, no side-effects
  • Wireless device that easily hides under your clothes
  • All day battery life, USB charging
  • Fully washable


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