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Powerful Tactical Gloves


Protect your hands while doing heavy work wearing our Powerful Tactical Gloves and you'll never get hurt. These are the most powerful gloves that can protect your hands from any damage while doing difficult work. It uses a unique kevlar and leather design, with shock-absorbing cushions that make it of high quality.


Material: Microfiber and Nylon

 Size Perimeter Mid finger Width
M 7.5-7.9in / 19-20cm 3.1-3.3in / 8-8.5cm 3-3.1in / 7.5-8cm
L 7.9-8.5in / 20-21.5cm 3.3-3.5in / 8.5-9cm 3.1-3.3in / 8-8.5cm
XL 8.5-9.1in / 21.5-23cm 3.5-3.7in / 9-9.5cm 3.3-3.5in / 8.5-9cm

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