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Cleaning Brush Cup Scrubber


Washing your dishes has never been easier with our Cleaning Brush Cup Scrubber which is designed to replace your hands, keeping them away from dirty dishes. No effort is needed. You will love this unique scrubber.

Scratch Free & Squeaky Clean Dishes 

Our scrubber comes with soft bristles ensuring no scratches are left on your dishes, leaving them squeaky clean. Cleaner than ever before.

360° Brushing 

The bristles on the scrubber wrap around 360°, which was designed to ensure every part of the cup, mug, or bowl is left squeaky clean. Saving you all the effort and time.

Suction Cups 

Equipped with long stick suction cups, you can place the cup scrubber where it's most convenient for you. Whether it be in the sink or on the bench beside the sink.

Wide Range Of Use

Yes, it's called scrubber but it is also designed to scrub any dishes such as plates and cutlery. Simply choose from the 360° bristle or the half brush, for the easier and most efficient way.

Easy To Clean 

The bristles are easy to clean. Simply unscrew it from the base and run under warm water with some detergent.


  • Easy dishwashing 
  • Leaves dishes squeaky clean
  • Soft & fine bristles  
  • 360 ° bristles 
  • Sticky suction cups 
  • Wide range of uses
  • Easy to clean 
  • Great to rinse before placing dishes in the dishwasher 


  • Product size6.89 x 5.51in / 17.5 x 14cm
  • Product material: PP+PVC

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