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Multifunctional Styling Hair Straightener

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Are you having trouble styling your hair? No worries because our Multifunctional Styling Hair Straightener is a new hair styling tool that will both comb and straighten/style your hair to your preference. Simply and gently comb your hair and it will be styled like you just had your hair done at a salon. 

The hair straightener brush gives the quick professional result of silky straight hair in minutes. It allows you to get ready quickly when you're in a rush early morning.

It heats up to 145℃/293 in 30 seconds, max 200℃/392 and auto mode keeps a constant temperature at 145℃/293. Your hair will basically settle in 8-10 seconds. Suitable for every hair type.

 Constant Temperature Heating

After turning on the straightening comb, the temperature will remain within a comfortable range. Effectively reduces the thermal damage to the hair, helping you to create soft and straight hair.

Anti-scalding Comb

The ionic coating is used on the heating surface of the comb to keep the hair shiny and healthy and prevent burns due to excessive temperature. Proper spacing can increase the contact area between comb teeth and hair.

Larger Heating Area

Comb and quickly heat more hair at one time, greatly saving styling time. It is very suitable for rush hours in the morning and quick makeup before going out. Say goodbye to the extra steps! Say hello to easier hairstyles!

5 Heating Settings

The perfect stylish anytime, anywhere. Provides more temperature control options, suitable for all hair types. The power cord that can be rotated 360° prevents the wire from being tangled, giving you a smooth experience every time.



  • Heating temperature: 130-200 ℃/266-392℉.
  • Power: 40W-59W
  • Min. temperature: 130 °C
  • Max. temperature: 200 °C
  • Material of thermal plate/bar: Tourmaline ceramic
  • Voltage: 100-240v (Dual voltage)
  • Diameter of thermal conductor: 0.8-1.2in / 2.1-3cm
  • Material: ABS

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